Thursday, December 9, 2010

Super Boink Episode 7 Tonde Buurin

Tonde Buurin is owned by Nipp0n Animation.
Estimated Philippine Aired Date: 1996 [IBC 13]
Part 1

Part 2

Voice Cast:
Dada Carlos as Colleen Adams aka Kokubu Karin; Super Boink aka Buurin.
Weng Raganit as Binky Arnold The 3rd aka Tonrariaano the Third, Suzie aka Hidaka Kaoru, Teacher Jodie/Super Jodie aka Tateishi Nanako/Cutey Chao
Charmaine Cordoviz as Jean Smith aka Yamakawa Masami; Macy Kramer aka Kuroha Keiko. Vince Adams aka Kokubu Shuuhei. She also voiced Saint Tail. ^_^

Tags: Tonde Buurin for Philippine Television, Tonde Buurin English Dub

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  1. Can you post more episodes you got?

  2. i luv this anime....hope u post some of this because its very rare!! :)

  3. Hey... Do you have the Animax SEA version of Hungry Heart.. I've searching long for it for the wonderful opening theme music? and also Escaflowne..